Often times we get a call from someone we neither wish to receive at the moment nor do we wish to disconnect that call. In such a case, we can silence that specific call or all calls at a specific time. Today in this read, we will guide you to silence an incoming call on your iPhone when you have an unwanted call. Meanwhile, you can learn to delete Whatsapp Calls From iPhone Logs.

How to Silence an iPhone while ringing?

We have curated a list of eight tips and tricks to help you silence an incoming call on your iPhone when you don’t want to answer it. Let’s dive in to know discuss them in detail.

Use Power/Wake Key to Silence Call

One of the easiest ways to silence your iPhone when you have a call is via the power/wake key on the iPhone. While you receive a call

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You must have seen a lot of people sharing their AI-generated cartoon avatars on Social Media like Twitter, Instagram, etc. With advancements in A.I., the results are really astonishing. Today in this read we’ll discuss how you can make such an AI avatar of yourself. So without any further adieu let’s get started.

How to Create an AI Avatar of Yourself?

These new A.I. avatar generators are based on Stable Diffusion, developed by the CompVis group at LMU Munich. The model has been released by a collaboration of Stability AI, CompVis LMU, and Runway with support from EleutherAI and LAION, in November 2022.

Dosto, konsa avatar best hai aapke hisab se ?
@PrismaAI se banaye hain – using their Lensa Aap – Rs. 250 approx mae banvai hai. ?
Kaisa lag raga hai apun ? https://t.co/mywGhQN1QT

Below we have mentioned three easy ways you can use A.I. to create art

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Tech StartupsIn the present day Mobile app expertise is probably the most booming space in the cell market. The problem with direct cash payments, says Owen Barder, the director of Europe for the Center for International Growth, is getting them to all the people who want them. The locations where this strategy has worked well already had functioning banking sectors and nationwide identification programs in place earlier than a disaster struck. In Pakistan, humanitarian agencies used government knowledge to establish the areas with the worst harm, then checked IDs to verify the debit playing cards received to the folks residing there.

The delegation consists of , a synthetic intelligence agency with healthcare applications; Breezometer , a supplier of real-time air high quality knowledge; EarlySense , a maker of monitoring programs to trace sufferers’ properly-being; Medial EarlySign , which has developed software program to flag for illnesses corresponding to colon most cancers, … Read more

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Often times while watching a YouTube video, we like to save a frame, to take note of the information displayed. In this article, we will try to guide you with different methods using which you can take/save a screenshot of the YouTube video on a PC or phone. Alternatively, you can also zoom into the YouTube video, and pause the frame.

Pinch Zoom YouTube Video

How to Take YouTube Video Screenshots on PC and Phone?

You can take a screenshot of YouTube videos using multiple ways on a PC and phone. Below, we have discussed all the possible ways you can take a screenshot.

Use PrtSc Key on PC

There are multiple ways, you can take a screenshot on your Windows PC. One of the easiest methods includes the PrtSc button on your Keyboard and pasting the screenshot into a photo editing app or paint. Here’s how it works.

1. Play any YouTube video

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Occasionally, we capture our favorite moments through our smartphones’ cameras, but they sometimes turn out to be blurry or shaking. Now instead of regretting, how about we tell you that your regret for capturing the blurred photo can be fixed easily? You heard that right. Follow this detailed explainer to learn the best ways to unblur and sharpen blurry photos on your Phone and PC. Additionally, you can learn to combine two photos on Windows, Mac, and the Web.

Top 7 Ways To Unblur and Sharpen Blurry Photos on Phone or PC

Gone are the days when you had to ask a photo expert to fix your blurred images. With new apps and tools, you can unblur and sharpen them easily across different platforms and devices. Let’s get started.

Unblur and Sharpen Blurry Photos with PhotoScape X [PC]

The first tool in the list is PhotoScape X, which offers

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