Aside from targeted advertisements, you might feel uneasy when you see multiple random posts from people you don’t follow on your Instagram timeline. If you’ve been struggling with the same, this explainer will help you clear the air and demonstrate several workarounds to fix the problem. Additionally, you can learn to spot fake ads and scam posts on Instagram to avoid getting duped.

Reasons Why You See Random Instagram Posts From People You Don’t Follow

While there could be several reasons behind you seeing random posts on your Instagram timeline, some of the prominent reasons and corresponding fixes are as follows.

Random Posts Increase with Instagram Searches

Believe it or not, the Instagram algorithm consistently records your account searches to serve you related posts and advertisements. In our experience, we consistently searched for the ‘BigBasket’ brand on the search page to find its sponsored posts landing on our main browsing

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Twitter is one of the most popular micro-blogging platforms around the globe. However, like any other social media platform, it comes with its own set of challenges especially when you find yourself locked out of your account. Thankfully Twitter Support team is there for your rescue and here are the easy ways to reset your Twitter Account without phone or email. Alternatively, you can read our article to reset or Change your Netflix Password.

How to Reset your Twitter Account Without Phone or Email

Below we have shared three ways to reset your Twitter Account if you’ve lost access to your phone or email. So as to login into your account.

Using Twitter Help Centre

Twitter Help Centre allows you to fill up a form in case you lose access to your account. Twitter Support will look into your case and provide you with further updates to retrieve your account.

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While playing videos or games, often time we accidentally trigger shortcuts and keyboard-based hotkeys. A hotkey is a physical key on the keyboard assigned to perform a specific set of tasks when using a specific app on your PC. This can be annoying while watching a movie, or playing a game. Today in this read, we will discuss how to turn off hotkeys in Windows. Meanwhile, you can learn to disable Microsoft OneDrive in Windows 11.

How to Disable Media Hotkeys in Windows 11/10

If you do not want to use shortcuts based on hotkeys on your Windows 10 or 11 PC. Turning off media hotkeys in Windows 10/11 OS is simple and easy to use.  In this read, we will explain three simple methods to disable hotkeys on your Windows-based PC.

Disable Sticky Keys in Windows

Sticky Key is a feature, to assist disabled people, it gets accidentally triggered,

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We access Instagram on mobile, web, and PC, to watch reels, or post from your favorite influencer or celebrity or say funny post shared by your friend. However, when we visit the Instagram web on PC, the login pop-up appears from Instagram. If due to various reasons, you don’t want to log in. To solve the Instagram login Pop-up issue, in this read we will discuss how you can block the Instagram login popup on a PC.

How to Block Instagram Login Pop-up on PC?

Sometimes we may not wish to log in to our Instagram account on PC but come across the Instagram login popup every time we access the service or visit an Instagram link shared by someone. What if Instagram posts can be viewed without having to log in on a PC? Well, we have some solutions to this problem. Let’s dive into them.

Use the Tablet/Mobile

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It doesn’t matter if you have a new or old laptop; all devices heat up eventually. Whether you are video editing, gaming, or dust and dirt clogging your internals, your laptop will try its best to cool down before it knocks itself out. Nonetheless, we have researched and demonstrated several effective ways to help you stop laptop from overheating while using it in this explainer. Furthermore, you can learn to check your laptop’s battery health if you receive less screen-on time.

How to Stop Your Laptop from Overheating

There can be numerous causes for your laptop to heat, but there is no single surefire way to fix it. That said, we have spent hours testing and bringing optimal solutions to your laptop’s heating problem. Let’s look at each one of them:

Switch to Battery/Power Saver Mode to Stop Laptop Heating

The instant method to stop laptop heating is to enable

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