Tips for Caring for a PC Mouse while Working at Home

The mouse becomes one of the important devices used to control your computer / PC. Especially when working from home or Work From Home now where you will more often use a PC at home. You also need to keep the mouse from being easily damaged, following the tips as quoted from various sources.

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Use the Mouse Naturally

The mouse needs to rest when not in use. If used too often will also shorten the life of the mouse. Also avoid also pressing the mouse too deep.

Clean Optical Mouse

Today’s modern mouse has brought optical standards, where the device emits red light at the bottom of the mouse. Users are advised to clean the optical mouse periodically. Clean from dust and dirt using a cotton bud.

Keep the Mouse away from Liquid Objects

Liquids affecting electronic devices are certainly dangerous. Typically, users place containers containing drinks on the work table. From now on, avoid placing the beverage container, because if it spills and the water hits the mouse, this has the potential to damage the mouse.

Be Careful of Coiling Cables

There are types of mice that are designed to use wired and wireless ones. For a mouse that has a cable, users are advised to be careful when rolling it. It is recommended to users to use a wireless mouse that is now widely circulated.

Don’t Unplug and Plug in the USB as Often as You Can

Users if only using a laptop for example only to move data files, then the use of a mouse might be avoided. Pulling or striking the USB too often is feared to damage the USB port.

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