Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial Intelligence is a computer system that is designed to do human work or can resemble humans and programmed with data. We know that now entering the digital era has brought changes. One of those changes is Artificial Intelligence. AI or Artificial Intelligence is increasingly used in various fields in everyday life.

Artificial Intelligence or in Indonesian it is called artificial intelligence can be interpreted as a computer system that can do various jobs that are usually done using human power or human intelligence to complete them.

If you are still confused, have you ever said ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Hey Siri’ and then your smartphone immediately answered it? So that was one of the uses of AI that we often encounter.

AI is starting to be used in industry, one of which is finance, for example identifying and optimizing data. To get to know more about AI, let’s find out what its characteristics are.


The characteristics of AI are:

  1. Automating data (which of course requires human power in the system), data becomes automatic because it has been pre-programmed;
  2. Adding product value;
  3. As a predictor, such as predicting what product is the best
  4. Has high accuracy;
  5. Utilizing various data, with AI data can be summarized into one.


So, you are familiar with AI, of course AI has its benefits, here are the benefits:

  1. Minimizing errors, humans are wrong and make mistakes, with AI, errors can be minimized such as data processing;
  2. Save energy such as processing the use of fuel;
  3. Exploration, such as processing the natural resource industry;
  4. Saving human resources will certainly have an impact on the company’s budget;
  5. As big data, because data can be stored safely

Ways of working

There are many benefits, friend, let’s find out how it works. In general, there are three words to get to know AI, namely fast, repetitive, and algorithm. Specifically AI as follows:

  1. Give the meaning of the image and respond.
  2. Natural Language Processing, namely machine simulation to capture what is wanted and human language;
  3. Naural network is a network of machines that are interconnected to explain;
  4. Machine Learning, namely automation through IT networks, such as drones that accurately measure areas.


You know examples of the application of AI, its application such as the ability of cellphone lenses, sales records and so on. Of course, not only has benefits, AI in the digital era leaves a number of challenges that must be considered, friends. The challenges are:

  1. Lack of ability to operationalize AI, which this time is human, so let’s always improve skills in the digital era;
  2. Not having adequate data sources, data is important in AI, because data errors cause AI to not run.
  3. Lack of implementation and benefits of AI so that we cannot seize opportunities for the benefits of AI.

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