Nowadays, gadgets are friends that are always in your pocket or bag. Because of its multifunctional use, gadgets are the most important thing for you to carry with you in your every activity. For you gadget lovers, of course you will not hesitate to take care of your favorite gadget.
However, are you aware that there are many trivial things that you do that can make your gadgets degrade in performance and quickly break down? Sometimes things that we think are trivial, turn out to be very dangerous for gadgets, Sahabatqoe. Like leaving it on all night, forgetting to close the app, not even turning off the wifi and Bluetooth features etc. If you do this continuously, then don’t be surprised if your gadget will quickly degrade in performance and even break down in a short period of use.
This time, AXIQoe will tell you 4 bad habits that can damage your gadget. Curious? Let’s look at the following!

Playing the gadget while it is charging

This one thing is very dangerous for you to do, namely playing the gadget while it is charging. Because when the gadget is being charged, the battery generates heat energy in the gadget. If you play a gadget while it is charging, the heat intensity on your gadget battery will increase. Surely you know what will happen to your gadget if you keep doing this. Surely your battery will quickly leak and over time there will be damage to your gadget. The worst possibility that can happen is due to excessive heat energy, your gadget can also explode or catch fire, Sahabatqoe.

Open multiple apps at the same time

Most of you must have done this, which is opening the application at the same time. Unknowingly this can make your gadget’s performance decrease, Sahabatqoe. A bad habit that you often do is that you open various applications ranging from chatting, social media and also games. If you do it continuously, you can definitely damage your own gadget. This will also affect the durability of your gadget. Moreover, if the gadget you have has a small processor. So don’t take it for granted, okay?

Always-on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Wifi and Bluetooth features are features that we use very often on a daily basis. This makes us sometimes forget to turn off these two features. If these two features are not turned off, the system will continue to search for networks to connect, so the battery will work hard to find the connection. Gradually, your gadget’s performance will weaken and your security has the potential to be damaged.

Rest your gadget

Just like humans, gadgets need rest. Why? Because if you continue to activate all the features on your gadget, your gadget will also feel tired. And the thing that is caused by this is that your gadget battery will be wasteful and even leak. It’s good when you want to sleep, turn off features such as wifi, Bluetooth, or data. Or you can also activate airplane mode or you can also turn off your gadget. This will help your gadget to rest.

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