9 Best Reddit Apps for Android (2023)

Reddit has an official app for smartphones but for some reason, it is not well-loved by the users. The official Reddit app has a lot of clutter on the main page like the awards and sponsored posts. It got two hamburger menus, both of which serve different purposes. So if you have a specific usage on Reddit then you should try one of the third-party Reddit clients. To help you choose the best one, we have compiled a list of Reddit apps you should use in 2023. Meanwhile, you can learn to browse Reddit Anonymously.

Best Reddit Apps to Use on Android

After personally testing, we have selected the nine Reddit apps that you should read about and download the one that meets your liking. Let’s have a look at the features of all these nine clients.

Relay for Reddit

This is one of the most popular Reddit clients that you can download on your Android smartphone for free. The user interface of this app is inspired by Google’s material design with punchy accent colors. The main page shows the popular posts and all the posts are laid in beautiful cards view with thumbnails of images on image posts. You can switch to the large layout to see full images on the main page.

Key Features

  • It has a material design with a card interface which looks amazing.
  • A dedicated AMOLED Dark mode for phones with AMOLED displays.
  • The gallery view is perfect for surfing memes and videos.

Download Links: Relay for Reddit

Now for Reddit

The Now for Reddit app comes with a card interface with an upvote, downvote, and save readily available on the post’s card. It comes with a multiple-page interface where you can swipe to switch to a particular subreddit and start surfing. The app is very light and takes about 35 MB of your phone’s storage. It lets you browse Imgur images and gifs right into the app itself.

Key Features

  • Surf Reddit with a beautiful card view.
  • Swipe to change the subreddit and has the option to access the subreddit’s sidebar.
  • The images and videos can be downloaded directly to the phone.

Download Links: Now for Reddit

RIF is Fun for Reddit

RIF (Reddit is Fun) app gives you a classic Reddit website-like feel with a post list interface and a thumbnail on the side. It shows the upvote count on the left side, with the upvote and downvote buttons as a reminiscence of the old Reddit website. You can choose to change the interface to card view, which looks exactly like the Now for Reddit app.

Key Features

  • The user interface gives a nostalgic feel.
  • Shows Imgur images and Gifs without leaving the app.
  • Comes with tablet mode to open the images in a dual-pane interface.

Download Links: RIF (Reddit is Fun)

Slide for Reddit

The Slide app for Reddit provides an intuitive interface on the phone. As the name suggests, you can slide between the different posts and the page shows all the contents including the comments. You can download pictures and videos from different posts. The shadowbox feature enables you to slide through posts easily.

Key Features

  • Beautiful slide interface for Reddit.
  • Swipe to switch between different subreddits.
  • The gallery mode is a very convenient feature to surf images, gifs, and video posts.

Download Links: Slide for Reddit


The Boost app reminded me of the official Reddit app but with a material design UI and a Dark mode for AMOLED displays. The interface is very simple, the left hamburger menu shows the subreddits list. It has a bottom bar to switch between different parts of the interface and a separate search page just like the official Reddit app which I like the most.

Key Features

  • Clean and simple user interface with separate tabs for different pages.
  • Dedicated search page to search between users, subreddit, and posts.
  • Can change the speed and resolution of the video.

Download Links: Boost for Reddit

Bacon Reader

Bacon Reader is another Reddit client with a beautiful card-style interface and infinite scrolling. The app has no distractions on the user interface at all, although it has the cleanest interface ever on a Reddit client. It comes with a top bar with a drop-down menu for the subreddits list. The only drawback is the bottom bar has ads and to remove those ads, you need to pay Rs. 106 through Play Store.

Key Features

  • Distraction-free interface with infinite scrolling of posts.
  • In-built browser to see Imgur images without leaving the app.
  • Dedicated Black mode for AMOLED displays to surf Reddit in a dark environment.

Download Links: Bacon Reader


Infinity is an app that shows you only the posts from the subreddit you have joined, on the home page which is great. You can surf popular posts on the popular tab which is just a swipe away. There is a built-in filter to apply advanced-level filtering to the posts list. You can add multiple accounts and manage them from the hamburger menu.

Key Features

  • Posts from subreddits can be found on the home page.
  • Supports AMOLED mode from the settings.
  • Advanced filter to filter out spoilers and NSFW posts.

Download Links: Infinity for Reddit


Joey is another app with a clean UI and no distractions. The swipe interface shows all the pages including the home page, popular, all, random and more. The app lets you remove already-seen posts which comes in handy if you don’t want to see repeated posts. You can add multiple accounts to the app and you can switch between them from the hamburger menu.

Key Features

  • Comes with projector mode to see a big preview of the image posts and swipe up to switch to the next.
  • Ability to filter out all the read posts from the post lists.
  • Well-designed comment section with collapsable comment threads.

Download Links: Joey for Reddit


Live is an app, especially for people who like sports and love to stay updated with the latest sports news. The home page is all about game threads which you can filter by your favorite sports. The live app lets you see live comments on a particular thread and a history page saves a log of visited posts.

Key Features

  • A dedicated subreddit for all sports and esports.
  • Comments thread tracker with live updates.
  • You can add threads using a thread link to track them.

Download Links: Live for Reddit

Wrapping Up: The Best Reddit Apps


These were the best Reddit apps for Android phones that you can choose from to get the best experience and features. If you know a recommendable Reddit client that we missed here, you can share it with us in the comments and well add that to the list. Stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more such guides and check out the ones linked below.

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