Top 7 Ways to Fix YouTube Video Upload Date Not Visible

You may call it an unaddressed bug or poor YouTube content orientation, but viewers have often reported missing video upload dates on several YouTube videos. If you’ve been experiencing the same, we have just the fix you need. This guide covers several unique ways to fix YouTube video upload date not visible. In addition, you can learn to create GIFs from your favorite YT videos.

Methods to Fix YouTube Video Upload Date Not Visible

Below we have mentioned seven ways to fix the issue of the YouTube video upload date visible. Let’s dive in and discuss these easy methods:

Adjust the Zoom Level on YouTube Video to Reveal its Upload Date

One of the easiest fixes for most users is to adjust the zoom level of the current YouTube page on the browser to reveal the ‘upload video date’. Adjusting the zoom level to 90% or 125% shall do the trick. Here’s how you can achieve the same.

1. Play the desired YouTube video in your browser.

fix YouTube Video Upload Date

2. Next, press the Ctrl and – or + buttons on your keyboard simultaneously to zoom out or zoom in on the page.

3. Reload the page to check the uploaded video date.

Use Chrome Extension to View Upload Date and Time

Another reliable method to view a particular YT video’s exact date and time is using a popular Google Chrome extension, YouTube Upload Time. This extension uses the Google API to reveal the exact date and time of a video uploaded on YouTube. Here’s how you can install this extension and use it to your advantage.

1. Install the YouTube Upload Time extension in your browser.

fix YouTube Video Upload Date

2. Next, head to your desired YouTube video and click on the installed extension to reveal its upload date and time.

3. You can also switch to different time zones to view the upload date and time of the selected video in your preferred format.

fix YouTube Video Upload Date

Lower Screen Resolution to View YouTube Video Upload Date

Another nifty fix to resolve the YouTube Video Upload Date Issue is to adjust your screen resolution to a lower value so that the screen content gets magnified, allowing each detail to be accessible with a scroll. This becomes particularly helpful when you’re watching YouTube videos on a small monitor/screen. Consequently, the video player window occupies a bigger screen space giving enough room for the Upload Date text to be displayed. Here’s how you can lower your screen resolution on a Windows system:

1. Right-click on your desktop to open Display Settings.

fix YouTube Video Upload Date

2. Next, expand System in the left-sidebar and click on the Display Resolution size to adjust it.

3. Finally, pick a lower screen resolution to magnify screen contents. Reload the YouTube page to verify if you can see the Upload Date.

fix YouTube Video Upload Date

Use the Online Metadata Tool to Reveal Upload Date

In addition to using the Chrome extension, you can utilize the YouTube Metadata online tool to reveal all the information associated with a Youtube video, including its upload date and time. Here’s how you can use this tool to achieve the same.

1. Copy the URL of your desired YouTube video to your clipboard.

2. Next, head to the YouTube Metadata online tool and paste the link in the search field. Click on the Submit button to generate the search results.

fix YouTube Video Upload Date

3. Scroll down the page to locate the Video section. Here you can see the exact date and time of the video published video on the YouTube channel.

fix YouTube Video Upload Date

4. You can further scroll down to the bottom to view additional details, such as video and channel statistics, including the date of creation of the selected channel.

Switch to Tablet View to Check the Missing Upload Date

Another nifty trick to quickly reveal the upload video date of any YouTube video is to change the browser orientation to the Tablet view. Here’s how it can be done.

1. Open any YouTube video and right-click and click the Inspect element option, or you can press the F12 key.

fix YouTube Video Upload Date

2. Next, click on the Smartphone / Tablet view button to change the screen view.

fix YouTube Video Upload Date

3. You can now see the video upload date below your current video on YouTube.

Switch to the YouTube Ambient Mode to View Video Upload Date Clearly

When you’re browsing YouTube in dark mode, the content text, such as video description and upload date, becomes difficult to read due to the pitch-black background. However, the recent YouTube UI overhaul has fixed the issue. With the new design overhaul of YouTube, the updated Ambient Mode adds a subtle translucent vibrancy effect to the background, improving text readability and providing an immersive viewing experience. You need to click the Show more button to view the date.

Fix Upload Date Not Visible on Your YouTube Videos

YouTube’s new algorithm might pose problems for Vloggers and content creators who include the upload date at the start of the video’s title. Fortunately, we found a fix to resolve the issue. Instead of writing the upload date at the beginning, e.g., 2022-12-05 – New Vlog, you need to write the date at the end of the title, e.g., New Vlog- 2022-12-05, to allow the YouTube algorithm to detect and display it.

Bonus: Reset Browser to Fix YouTube Video Upload Date Issue

If you haven’t been able to fix the YouTube video upload date issue after trying the above methods, you can reset the browser settings altogether as a last resort. Follow these steps for an easy fix:

1. Click the three-dot icon in the top-right corner to access Chrome Settings.

2. Expand the Reset and Clean Up tab in the left sidebar and click on the Restore Settings option.

fix YouTube Video Upload Date

3. Finally, click the Reset Settings button to clear existing browser settings and start afresh. Once done, access YouTube in a new tab to check if the video upload date is visible.

fix YouTube Video Upload Date


Q: Why I can’t see the upload date of a YouTube video?

A: You can either adjust your screen resolution or use the online YouTube Metadata tool to find the upload date of any YouTube video.

Q: Is there any extension to show YouTube Upload Video Date?

A: Install the YouTube Upload Time Chrome Extension to view the upload date easily. Refer to the steps mentioned above for a better understanding.

Q: How to access the YouTube Video Date Finder Online?

A: Please refer to the Online Metadata tool to view any YouTube video’s upload date.

That’s a Wrap

So, that’s a wrap for the top ways to fix the YouTube video upload date not visible from videos. If the above working fixes have helped you to troubleshoot this issue, then share this walkthrough with your friends who you think might need it. Stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more such tech guides.

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